Adult Fitness (Ages 16 & up)

Adult Gymnastics Fitness

It’s never too late to get strong, get moving, get upside down, get fit and start flipping!

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Monday and Wednesday are Aerial Silks Day.

Louisiana Gymnastics Club and Roots to Sky Aerial have partnered to bring a fun and exciting unique form of fitness. Learn to move gracefully while suspended in the air using the soft, beautiful aerial hammock.

The aerial hammock is a very approachable and more easily "accessible" aerial fabric style. This is a great class for those wanting to build strength, enhance flexibility, stimulate the mind-body connection, and decompress the spine.

Classes will continue every Monday and Wednesday at 7:30 - 8:30pm. Beginners and intermediate students welcome. The instructor will teach to all skill levels. As students progress with the aerial hammock, they will learn how to wrap, invert, spin, twist and drop while suspended aerial hammock.
Ages 16 years and up

Tuesday is Core and Handstand Day.

Master your handstand line and build the strength needed to move your body when on the hands. This class focuses on core stability, body alignment, shoulder mobility and endurance while upside down. We also tackle hip mobility and compression strength need for press handstands. This class is great complement to any yoga practice or Crossfitters looking to refine their handstands.
Ages 18 years and up

Thursday is Tumbling and Gymnastics Day.

We warm up. We tumble. We gymnastics. We Condition and Stretch. We also have a blast. This is a fun and challenging class for everyone from beginners looking to move differently or experienced tumblers/gymnasts looking to swing and flip again.
Ages 18 years and up


1 class drop-in $20.00/class
4 class package $17.50/class ($70)
8 class package $15.00/class ($120)
12 class package $12.50/class ($150)
Prices are subject to change.

Year round schedule.
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